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From a student--made my day: "Good afternoon. I attended the conference last Friday and want to begin by telling you how much I enjoyed your sessions. Your method of delivery was excellent and the information and knowledge I took away from the two sessions was invaluable.
I am a new licensee though I need to state up front I am not young. I am a retired teacher of 35 years in PA so I am a "mature" individual. Having sat through many a conferences during my teaching years I am in a position to recognize great presenters and mediocre ones. You are a great presenter.
If possible would you please share with me the slides on the seller list and the buyer list for the perfect transaction? I would really appreciate having a copy of those as a reference. "

Thank you very much for your time.

Kathy Dumm
Century 21 Strayer & Assoc., Inc.

6 days ago

Melanie J. McLane, Real Estate Educator

I'm here for a REALTOR(r)event; going to listen to Nobu Hata rock the room, then I speak after lunch. Looking forward to seeing my Minnesota friends! Doing "Zapping Zillow" and "Smart Houses". ...

From a student from the "Keep Calm and Follow the Rules" class yesterday in York, PA: "BTW, you're the best instructor, by far, in all courses I've taken in real estate. The information you impart is so valuable and long remembered after the class. Your comfortable method of teaching is also a pleasure, engaging everyone, and not putting anyone on the spot for an answer. It's a pleasure to take a class with you!

Joan S. Bushey, Realtor"
Makes my heart sing!

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Awesome! How far do you travel? Our local association is looking for fresh faces to teach in Tucson. Do you teach USPAP?

I agree

She is right!

I agree.

Always enjoy your classes. Look forward each time thru the years. Very insightful.


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