What Students Are Saying

Melanie knows her topic and how to manage a class. She maintained a positive , successful learning environment through a long, difficult day. Very impressive.                                 Leigh York 5.11.2016

Melanie is a wonderful educator and one of the most ethical Realtors I have had the privilege to know. I have known Melanie for 35 years and during that time she has shared her knowledge with so many Realtors. Her classes are very well attended and I have never walked away from one of the classes she has taught without feeling that I learned quite a lot about real estate. If you are a Realtor and you have the opportunity to attend one of Melanie's classes, do so. She may very well be the difference in whether, or not, you will be successful in the real estate business.                                                                                                   Sandy-Lee Stevens 7.9,2015

Melanie is extremely intelligent and well informed. Having a multitude of professors throughout college, grad school, and real estate-related training, she rises to the top of my favorite teachers list!                                                                                                                             Terra Foust Smith 1.10.2014

Melanie is my first choice as an instructor in any course that I can take.                                   Jackie Dorian 6.23.2013