Continuing Education

Melanie has written and teaches all of the courses in this section. She’s a prolific educator, writer and instructor. Let her know what you need and she can customize a course for you.

Bullet Proof Your Appraisal
Appraisers are constantly “looking over their shoulder” as scrutiny of appraisal reports has increased substantially. Added to this mix is the implementation of UAD; the general lender atmosphere since Dodd-Frank; the now common challenges of “low” appraisals by borrowers, sellers and real estate agents, as well as the indemnification clauses in contracts from AMCs to appraisers, which make appraisers more responsible than ever for future issues with real estate they have appraised. Appraisers are governed by Standard 2 in USPAP with respect to the reporting of an appraisal; they are also governed by any agreements with specific clients (such as the use of the Uniform Appraisal Dataset, or UAD). Appraisers must be prepared to justify data and adjustments in reports, and defend their reports if challenged. Finally, a well prepared work file is essential for an appraiser to build and maintain for each assignment. Many state licensing boards have cited appraisers for failure to have a complete work file, so we will also discuss what goes into the work file .

Technology and Generations
This will be 3.5 hours of CE for agents on interacting with and without technology with agents, buyers and sellers from Gen Y to Golden Agers.

When the Going Gets Tough
Do your agents need to be pumped up a little? Today’s market is way different than the early 2000’s were. I will give them tips and get them going—back to basics and good practices—so that they will succeed in today’s market.

Filling out standard forms (Pennsylvania)
Here in PA, 90%+ of all licensees use the same forms, developed by the Pennsylvania Association of REALTORS®. Learn how to fill them out completely and correctly. We can do one form, several forms, or take certain sections. A great office meeting event!

Who’s Your Client?
This is a 3.5 hour CE course, very timely on who is your client and what does that mean? In most states, it means a lot and makes a huge difference in what you can and cannot do; and can and cannot say. Come learn more about the practice of agency law.