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NOTE: The courses approved for continuing education in Pennsylvania will include “Pennsylvania” in the title. Currently those courses are identified in the Online Training Library as follows:

Pennsylvania – Fannie Mae Forms
Pennsylvania – Manufacturing & Modular Housing
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Innovative Marketing Techniques for Buyer’s Representatives

This is my all-time favorite ABR elective—simply because the students can adapt this information to whatever their market is. It is Marketing 101 at its best.Introduction; Module One: Today’s Home Buyer; Module Two: Determining Your Market Strategy; Module Three: Positioning Yourself; Module Four: Marketing Opportunities in the Buyer Counseling Session; Module Five: Marketing Tips and Ideas. 7 hours; exam at end of day.

ABR Relocation
If relocation plays a role in your local market, students will take this course. Doesn’t fill up well in rural areas; the cities and suburbs love it.

Introduction: Module One: How Relocation Works; Module Two: Building Relocation Relationships; Module Three: Providing Superior Service; Module Four: Developing a Marketing Strategy. 7 hours; exam at end of day.

Other Courses

ABR also allows courses from the WCR and the Resorts and Second Homes courses, as well as RLI courses to count toward the designation.

Currently, Pennsylvania’s GRI program is on hiatus, with the state association making a decision about GRI after the scheduled NAR revisions to the program in 2014. I teach GRI in other states, including New Hampshire. I’m familiar with the learning objectives for GRI and can tailor a course to your state’s specifications.Seniors Real Estate Specialist

We are not going to run out of this demographic! They will be making an impact in the market for years to come. I love teaching this course; most students enjoy this niche to market to. What’s not to like? Many of the consumers in the ‘senior’ category own their home free and clear, and have lots of disposable income. A Realtor®’s dream!

This is a great course about marketing to a bullet-proof niche—seniors, which include boomers. My students love this course!

Resorts and Second Homes Property Specialist Course

This is a great course, even for those not pursuing a designation, who work in markets where buyers buy second homes. Many second homes are not in resorts, and most states have markets where buyers are buying second homes. This is another great market, as these buyers are typically more affluent and less affected by other market forces.

Course outline: Introduction; Foundation Skills & Knowledge; Customers, Clients & Properties; Affluent or International Buyers and Sellers; Building Your Business; Overcoming Bad Publicity and Disasters; Tax and Investment; Regulatory Matters. This is a two-day course, with an exam. A new designation has been created by NAR; students need to take other courses to get the designation.

Green Courses
This is NAR’s hottest new designation, and it is all about GREEN living—energy efficiency, sustainable development and neighbors, etc. Students love this course!

The Green designation from NAR is a ‘multi-discipline designation’, which means everyone must take the two day core course (which I teach) and then everyone must also take one elective. I teach the Residential Elective. There are two others: Property Management and Commercial, for REALTORS® who specialize in those disciplines.

Seller Representative Specialist
As one provider described it, SRS is the Yin to the Yang of ABR—two sides of the same coin, which is representation. I’m an approved provider for this course.

This is approved for Continuing Education in many states.

I am an AQB Qualified USPAP Instructor. I can teach the 7-hour of 15-hour course. In Pennsylvania, students aspiring to become appraisers must take the 15-hour course; appraisers must take the 7-hour course every two years as part of their recertification.


And finally—I have written, and continue to write CE courses for agents and appraisers. Additionally, upon request, I will write a course specifically designed for your needs.

Some of my CE courses:

Paper Trail in a Cyber World 3.5 hours

Flips, Frauds & Foreclosures, 7 hours, approved by other schools for both appraisal CE and agent CE

10 Stupid Things Realtors do to Mess Up Their Lives

It’s Not Rocket Science, It’s Just Real Estate

Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR)Any Realtor® who asks me what designation to start with, I tell them ABR. Too many agents think they know how to practice buyer agency, but they really don’t. This is a great course for both the new agent and the seasoned agent who needs to brush up on current, legal agency practice. As I teach the course, I always give the students state-specific information. The requirement for the ABR designation is the core two-day ABR course, plus an elective. The core ABR course introduces students to buyer agency and trains them to work with buyers. The outline for the course is: Introduction; Module 1, Agency—Theory and Practice; Module 2—Service Delivery; Module 3, Buyer Consulting Services; Module 4, Offers and Negotiations. The course includes an examination.